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Your Weekly Reading

based on the Universal Flow of the Energy of TAO.

 Year of the Dragon

Chinese dragon

This year proceeds at a pace.  There are great changes and chances ahead.  Be ready for some big decisions or choices about your future.  Everything is about change this year - usually progressive and positive - and maybe some 'soul searching'.  This is the year to make things happen and take the opportunities that will be offered.  Adapt, accept, and "Go with the Flow" of the Dragon Energy which will take you to an achievement, or recognition, of your intentions. This is the year when it will all happen ! This Year of the Dragon is deterministic YANG energy combined with the power of the ambitious trigram of movement, and growth in the Element of WOOD.

Chinese dragon
The Year of the Dragon

Monday 22 April 2024

This is the 11th week of the Year of the Dragon and there is something that alerts you to the possibility of Change. There will be an offer, invite, or awareness, of an event that can change your outlook.  Follow, or accept, anything new or unexpected, regardless, in some sense, of your own opinion or experience.  You are going to be told or shown  something that you can use beyond the intended or usual messages. This is something that your 'higher self' has been expecting, but you may not be personally aware of it yet.  Trust in the World to provide the Way. This is, and about to be, the true start to the Year of the Dragon.   Stay alert this week.


Of course, one Reading cannot possibly apply to everyone this week. Well, actually it will !, but some of you will be one week ahead (it's already happened, or one week behind - wait till next week), even so, the energy is shifting things and people and it will happen.  Each person will convert this energy into their own outlook or circumstances, or, indeed, may not be totally aware of the situation.  If you are aware of the weekly shift of energy, whether you believe it to be true or not, it will change your life.  As to the timing of the precise week, which the ancient Chinese calculated two thousand years ago, this is part of a massive cycle that predicts the emergence of an awareness of TAO.

What this is, and how it affects you - see "TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway" which will give you the means to have a personal Reading whenever you want, every day, or every hour if you want, or perhaps a longer look at your prospects.

The Mystic Gateway

TAO I CHING       Tom Leworthy  2005
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