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gold Yin Yang symbol
gold Yin Yang symbol

                                        T  A O   I   C H I N G

      The  I  Ching

What is the I Ching ?

The I Ching is the ancient Chinese Wisdom and Prediction system based on the universal flow of energy known as TAO.  Set-out in book form 3000 years ago,  it  is based on  64 HEXAGRAM (six line) symbols that change  all  the time,  to  show  the  balance  of  YANG  energy  [forceful, determined] and YIN energy [creative, receptive] in every situation.

The Hexagrams

At Over 3000 years ago the Chinese produced a system in which the energy flow of TAO, of chance and change, of fate and fortune, could be reflected, and predicted, at each moment, and in any situation.  At each moment the flow of TAO is represented by a hexagram symbol.

The 64 hexagram symbols, unlike other symbols, are constantly changing (into other hexagrams ), and show the influence of the moving energy in your life. Normally, you cannot see these invisable energies, but when you look at a hexagram you have a visible 'snapshot', in  symbolic form, of your present situation.  This will show you your inner intentions, your outer behaviour (in the attempt to get what you want), and the prospects of success.   

the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching.

There are 64 HEXAGRAM symbols of  the I Ching.

hexagrams of the I Ching.

Each hexagram you select shows your energy,

and your and influence

in the situation around you,

and your prospects for success.

Tao master.

The hexagrams will go a little further, and will advise you

on an easier,  more effective, course of action.  

  Each hexagram represents a different situation,

condition, or event,

(past, present, or future), in your life.

It looks complicated, but you will only pick one hexagram at a time, and this has been made very easy with the use of a set of Elements.

How to select your hexagram

You select a hexagram to answer any question you have about your life and intentions, or to see the true nature of your situation.  

The hexagram will actually change to show you the likely outcome

of your intentions, decisions, and actions.



[ You can use any three coins of the same denomination. ]

Coins for selecting a hexagram in the I Ching.

The most popular method to select a hexagram is to throw, or cast, three coins six times (once for each line of your hexagram). At each cast of the coins you work out the nature of the Line (a straight Line or a broken Line) in your hexagram, starting with the bottom Line. You make a note of this, and continue with your six throws, to build-up a six Line hexagram. This is, perhaps, a little repetitive, and you'll need pen and paper to draw the hexagram, as you build it up from the bottom line. You then look-up the chart (in the book) to locate your hexagram number.

Yarrow stalks used to select a hexagram in the I Ching.

The traditional yarrow stalk method of selecting a hexagram pre-dates the coin method.  49 yarrow stalks are separated into diminishing bundles to produce a hexagram from a numbered formula. This takes a lot more time, and even though this traditional method appears long-winded, it is considered to be the correct meditative approach.

Set of Elements for easy and instant selection and access to all the hexagrams in the I Ching.

The ELEMENTS, from a very ancient source, are a revolutionary 'new' method to select your hexagram. They produce a 'physical' hexagram which you can manipulate and use in a dynamic way with the TAO I CHING.  This is the easiest direct way to select your hexagram and requires no calculations, charts or 'psychic' ability. Think of your question, just put your hand in the bag and take out your hexagram. It is so easy to use, and full instructions are provided.  You can even know the number of every hexagram in less than 2 minutes !


with the "TAO I CHING  The Mystic Gateway",

instantly, and easily, provide a hexagram

that you can hold, and change.

The TAO I CHING, will explain in plain English, the meaning of each hexagram, and offer advice, if you need it.

"TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway" book

The TAO I CHING is a book of advice, guidance, and prediction. This is the I Ching as it was originally intended ~ as an insight into a flow of energy  that  can reflect,  and  transform, your life.  This is what the TAO I CHING is designed to do, and it will change your outlook and approach, and introduce a positive energy into your life.

scroll lines

If you want to know what it's all about,

and want to start using it now . . . .

 I CHING INTRODUCTION set of laminated pages.


An in-depth introduction into the I CHING in five A4 coloured, double sided, laminated sheets.  Ten pages of information that provide all you need

to know about the I CHING, and how you can use it.  

Answer any question about your life, and see your prospects for the future.


How to select a hexagram, how it works, and what it means.

It’s easy.  No need for a book, charts, or interpretations.

Answer any personal question, and find your answer,

with advice, guidance, and insight, into your own choices and decisions.


The secret heart of the I Ching.

Hexagrams and trigrams, and how they work.

There is another way to use your energy, that leads to balance

and harmony in what you want and what you do.


         YOUR NATAL HEXAGRAM           

Discover your Natal Hexagram.

This is your nature or personality and your purpose in the world.

Knowing your Natal Hexagram {or ‘Fate’} can change your life.

The direction and power in your life.


The secret route through life as a ‘floor plan’.

Your place in the scheme of things, at the time of your hexagram.

Wherever your hexagram takes you, there are other choices.

See your choices and direction in life, towards awareness.


The Principles and energy of TAO,

for balance and harmony, and inner peace in a busy world.

TAO TE CHING ~ the secret of contentment.

The 8 Spiritual Laws of TAO.

 I CHING INTRODUCTION set of laminated pages.

Full introduction to the I Ching

Five Laminated, double-sided,
illustrated sheets.

"All you ever wanted to know about The I Ching "
£ 25


just email me.

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FREE UK postage

 " The TAO I CHING will give you access

to an energy and awareness

that can emotionally and spiritually

transform your life."

The Mystic Gateway

TAO I CHING        Tom Leworthy  2005
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