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" TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway " 

An introduction to the Ancient Chinese I CHING based on the universal flow of energy called TAO.  TAO is the great flow of energy running through the universe that takes you and everything with it. 

For over 2000 years the Chinese have been using Feng Shui and Tai Chi to regulate this Flow, and the I CHING as an Oracle to answer any question about your fate and fortune, and a practical way to balance your Mind and Body for inner peace and confidence.

Tom will show you how the I Ching works, and how to use the I Ching easily for prediction, problem solving, and how to “Go with the Flow” of the universal energy of TAO in the situations, people, and places, you encounter every day, to live in the present moment with ease and confidence, and a sense of harmony and direction, in your life.


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How to use the I Ching easily and effectively, 

with a practical insight into the Way of TAO.

You can ask any questions about yourself and your life, solve problems or resolve issues, see your future, and change your potential.

Discover how the ancient Chinese used the flow of the universal energy of TAO, as in Feng Shui and Tai Chi, and how you can influence your own health, motivation, and harmony.

"TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway" book and set of Elements

" TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway"

with a set of ELEMENTS


Practical WORKSHOPS  

( 2 hours, or half, or whole day )


or individuals



just get in touch

Tom Leworthy TAO I CHING  ~ The Mystic Gateway"
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The I CHING Oracle
Psychic Readings


I offer I CHING Oracle Readings by PHONE, and in person at GOSPORT, UK and at MBS Fayres.

Here you get to ask about specific problems, or general life issues are examined.  These take up to 1 hour, which is usually enough time to get an insight into the nature of the matter, a solution,  

and to point the way forward.

                               £ 40 GBP.

            In the first instance just email me. 

If you have any comments, or questions, about the TAO I CHING, do get in touch.  If you own the TAO I CHING and ELEMENTS and are having any difficulty at all with their use ~ just email me. email

   You can contact TAO with your own

   subconscious mind, or ' Higher Self ',

  anytime by using the TAO I CHING.  

   I look forward to your questions.

"TAO TE CHING ~ The Meaning and Power of Tao" book by Tom Leworthy.


The Meaning and Power of TAO

£ 5


just email me email

 for postage prices,

and I will process it immediately.

Payment by Paypal 

or Direct Bank Transfer.

4 Week I CHING Course poster

I offer a
3 WEEK I CHING Course.

Learn the secrets of the I Ching and how to “Go with the Flow” of Chance and Change, Fate and Fortune, and the Energy of TAO.  How to use the I Ching easily. 

An understanding of The Way of TAO and the Spiritual Laws, and the hidden meaning behind the Taoist Spiritual Classic the “Tao Te Ching”.


Selection, power, and influence, of the hexagrams.

The secret of the trigrams, form and function.

Changing Lines on Mind and Body

~ The Great Balance.

Natal hexagrams, prediction, and self development.

The Map of Life Arrangement of Wang Pi.

The Way of TAO, and the Tao Te Ching.

Generally, this takes 2 hours per week over 3 weeks, or an exhaustive one day instruction. Certificate, TAO I CHING book & Elements (if you don't have a copy), extensive Course notes, and ongoing support.

TAO Master

Thank you for visiting this website.

Be assured that TAO will answer anything.

The Mystic Gateway

TAO I CHING         Tom Leworthy  2005
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                                        T  A O   I   C H I N G

                                The  Mystic  Gateway



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