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gold Yin Yang symbol
gold Yin Yang symbol

                                        T  A O   I   C H I N G

What is YIN and YANG energy ?

The Ancient Chinese originally 'invented' the idea of an energy that formulates and runs through the universe, and as it does so it gives power and life to everything. You could call it 'the life force', but it flows through non-living elements, places, and situations, as well. This energy could be directly observed in nature, say, in the movement of water, or in the changes of weather, and so the energy took on two different 'forms'.  They named these energies YIN and YANG, and represented them with the symbol of a divided Line or a whole Line

Line symol for YIN energy

YIN energy

Line symbol for YANG energy

YANG energy

These two types of energy, often expressed as opposite forces, are in fact the same energy expressed in a different way. 

YANG energy is, basically, “PUSHING” to pursue an objective, with the responding reaction.   YANG energy (either in you, or the situation around you) is forceful, determined, and controlling (often ‘closed’, or set on a course).

YIN energy is, basically, “GATHERING” energy.  There is a natural flow, (either in you, or the situation around you), and a calm reception and observation of the state of the world, often without the need to react, demonstrate, prove, or comply. YIN energy is sensitive, creative, and responsive (in some sense ‘open’).

The ancient Chinese applied a list of qualities and attributes to these two ‘types’ of energy. By combining these Lines together, since the energy may have a number or variables or attributes, there was another great leap in the understanding of this energy. The TRIGRAM was constructed with three Lines of energy, showing the direction and 'speed' of this energy. These show the whole dynamic range of mental and physical movement and action.

The balance of YIN and YANG energy causes and produces many effects - both personal and social. Aspects of YIN or YANG energy may be toned-down or augmented by personal thought or action. The I Ching presents a picture of your situation and by observing conditions and modifying your intentions and actions you can live in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. 

" You can live in harmony

with yourself and your surroundings."

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TAO I CHING         Tom Leworthy  2005
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