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gold Yin Yang symbol
gold Yin Yang symbol

                                        T  A O   I   C H I N G

                                The  Mystic  Gateway

What are the Moving Lines ?

The hexagram has 6 Lines, and these are either YANG energy (a straight solid Line), or YIN energy (a broken Line or ‘dash’).

Line symbol for YANG energy.
Line symbol for YIN energy.

When you select a hexagram, often, one or more Lines have the potential to ‘move’ or change into the other (opposite) energy.  A second hexagram is produced (out of the first one) which will show the outcome of this change of energy.  The ‘Moving Lines’ arise automatically as a result of the power and direction of the energy present in you, or the situation. You will make a note of these Lines when you construct your hexagram [They appear automatically on your set of Elements]. The Ancient Chinese worked-out every possible combination of YIN and YANG energy, with over 4000 combinations or responses, to produce the I Ching as a compendium of thought, activity, and reaction, which we can use today.  After the Reading for your hexagram, you change all the ‘Moving Lines’ [which will arise from your coins, or actually indicated on each Element] in one go and consult the new hexagram for a glimpse of your future before it happens, so there is the possibility of reconsidering your intended course of action.

TAO symbol and hexagrams

In the TAO I CHING a ‘Moving Line’ is immediately indicated, and can be changed after your first initial Reading. Also, the position of a Moving Line in any trigram will show the area in which the change will happen.  Only in the TAO I CHING is the possibility of changing a trigram yourself – only if you are sufficiently detached – to produce an unexpected revelation.

" Change the hexagram,

and you change your life."


TAO I CHING         Tom Leworthy  2005
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