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                                        T  A O   I   C H I N G

How to use the I Ching

You pose a question and select a hexagram symbol.  This is not the conventional way of answering a question. It is by being open to an answer, seemingly provided by chance, that expresses the full range of your involvement, behaviour, thinking, and timing.

You then follow the advice, which, at times, may seem contrary to your own intention or expectations, but which will allow you to become part of a bigger Process of Change (to "Go with the Flow" of energy).

 You must ask a question,

otherwise you will get a 'chance' response. If your energy was sufficiently calm, or if you were disturbed and focused on something, that might be automatically reflected, but not necessarily the next step for you.

The movement of TAO, or the energy around us and within us, is moving and changing all the time. You can only gauge it or measure it (take a Reading of it) in a very short space of time, not withstanding the time it takes to select a hexagram.  Even so, the object is to be in an open state of mind, and not in a hurry. Just take as much time as you need.

The "Tao I Ching ~ The Mystic Gateway" book and set of Elements for easy instant access to the I Ching.

 Here, the use of your ELEMENTS, with the TAO I CHING, work quickly 'without your thinking' beyond your question  [not expecting or desiring a particular answer]. When you see the flow of energy through yourself, in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, you'll see the connection between you and TAO.  You can continue to use the I Ching to ask questions about your busy life and prospects - I certainly do - but you can slow-down the whole process (of change) by observing how you think and feel, and assimilating the energy as recommended in the TAO I CHING.

When you do this, you start to live in the present.

We can't change the past, and we can't change Human behaviour (people will always do what they want), but we can change ourselves, to see, and feel, and use, a different kind of energy.

The "Tao I Ching ~ The Mystic Gateway" book and set of Elements for easy instant access to the I Ching.

The TAO I CHING will advise you on the most effective use of your energy, show what lies behind every situation you face, and you might be surprised to find the full extent of your own thoughts (which can eat away at your energy, although there's usually plenty there), revealing the present and predicting the outcome of your activity.

" It's easier to live in the present

when you don't interfere."


TAO I CHING         Tom Leworthy  2005
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