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                                The  Mystic  Gateway



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                                        T  A O   I   C H I N G

What does the I Ching do ?

The I Ching will answer any personal question, and sometimes wider issues in the world and other people. You select one hexagram in response to your question. The hexagrams have lines that change or ‘move’, to produce a second hexagram that reveals the future development of events, and ways to go forward. You consult the book for a ‘Reading’ derived from the ancient texts. You can use the I Ching for prediction, problem solving, decisions and direction, and personal and spiritual development.

There can be a linear approach to the I Ching, when you pose a question and get an answer.  That linear approach to life has a beginning and an end, with cause and effect, control and effort, but the I Ching allows something interesting to emerge, which is usually blocked by competitive, logical, or emotional, thinking. The answers in the traditional I Ching are usually shrouded in symbolism, and often left open to interpretation.  That might well have been the intention of the original authors, in symbols that have more than one meaning, and to suggest the actions of ‘the superior man’.

The original I Ching.

The original I Ching is rather slim, and can be 'obtuse' in the style and symbolic language of the Ancient Chinese, not withstanding the possibility of more than one meaning to a symbol. A look at the best modern translations of the I Ching, ranging from the large Wilhelm Edition (the standard authoritative version, taken-up by the hippy generation in the 1960s) and the excellent illustrated thin volume by Mary Clark, will show one consistent problem of translating visual symbols into modern English without interposing other theories and ideas.

Meanwhile, a 'simple' basic idea was elevated, through the long course of Chinese history and philosophy, into a way of life, and a spiritual and practical guide to the use of energy, and possibly the best divination system in the world.

The "Tao I Ching ~ The Mystic Gateway" book and set of Elements for easy instant access to the I Ching, with other editions of the I  Ching.

The "TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway" will show you how you think and feel, and the way you do things in your attitude and behaviour.  It will also show you how to “Go with the flow” of the energy around you, in the situations, people and places, you encounter every day.

" The TAO I CHING will provide

 balance and calm in a changing world."


TAO I CHING         Tom Leworthy  2005
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