T  A O   I   C H I N G

                                The  Mystic  Gateway



gold Yin Yang symbol gold Yin Yang symbol tao master Tom Leworthy

You can contact me by email

[email protected]

   You can contact TAO with your own

   subconscious mind, or ' Higher Self ',

  anytime, or by using the TAO I CHING.  

        I look forward to your questions.

I offer TAO I CHING Consultations by phone,

and, very occasionally, in person.

These are Consultations,

not Readings, although I have many years experience in that field.  Here you get to voice specific problems, or general life issues are examined.

These take an hour, or more, which is usually enough time to get an insight into the nature of the matter,

a solution,  and to point the way forward.

I do use the ELEMENTS which continue to provide insights.


Pay by PayPal £40 GBP.

  In the first instance just email me. 

For more  information

I Ching hexagrams and yin yang symbol "TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway"  and set of Elements Tom Leworthy Tao I Ching The Mystic Gateway

  I provide Talks and Presentations

   ( 1 - 2 hours )

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Thank you for visiting this website.

Be assured that TAO will answer anything.

If you have any comments, or questions, about the TAO I CHING, do get in touch.  If you own the TAO I CHING and ELEMENTS and are having any difficulty at all with their use ~ just email me.

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and Practical WORKSHOPS  

( 2 hours, or half, or whole day )


or individuals



just get in touch.

For a practical insight into TAO

and how to use the I Ching

easily and effectively.

TAO I CHING set of Elements